EP Review: Faceplant by Cheerbleederz (2018) (Alcopop! Records)

This debut EP by all girl London based 3-piece Cheerbleederz was released nearly a year ago. For some reason it did not come to my attention until the new Indie Tracks compilation bestowed upon it the honour of using one it’s tracks as it’s opener.

I blame myself really. I have been a tad selfish of late, starting up this blog’s record label (Subjangle) with a couple of cyber-mates and trying to fit this in around frivolous things like helping my wife bring up three young kids and paying for stuff that the family needs by predicting economic shit a for 40 hours a week.

Now I have found the EP, I doubt that such trivialities will ever come between us again. My confidence about this is secured by the fact that the opener, Staying Up Late (see below) is the stuff of ear-worm legend and has not really left the cranial cavity since I first heard it a few weeks back. It’s just simply glorious stuff and is joined by Thinking of You which has similar ‘obvious single’ potential.

The other two tracks, Don’t Hesitate (see below) and Cabin Fever,  have something of a different vibe, but one that they also excel at, inasmuch that they flounce with the unfettered indie punk melodies of fellow all female act Parsnip who omit a similar wall of sound, when they drop the twee pretense and get aggressive with guitars.

Follow button well and truly pressed at Bandcamp…Facebook well and truly liked and all Twittered up .I will not miss out again.

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Label Links:   Facebook Twitter


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