Beat the delete #0014 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Band: Only

Track:  Jerk From:  Only Label:  Cold Lunch Recordings Release date:  12 July 2019

A very unique sound from this 4-piece from Nashville Tennessee, pitching the high end tinny riffs of the late 80’s Bristol jangle-pop scene to the sort of lo-fi, fuzz-pop tendencies of Big Thief at his most enerjetic…love it !


Band: Catchers

Track:  Country Freaks (Demo) From:  We Speak in Flames Label:  Les Disques du 7ème Ciel Release date:  21 June 2019

Ok, not really new music as Brittany (France) label 7 Ciel have released this mixture of demo’s and alternative takes to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Catchers ‘Mute’ album…but these versions are new to these ears and absolutely stunning. 

They have also re-issued the original full ‘Mute’ album at the same time and both are well worth investing in.


Band: Foliage

Track:  Patterns From:  Take Label:  Z Tapes Release date:  Out now on pre-order releases 20 September 2019

The 4th album in 4 years from this prolific artist, looks like it may have just drifted into very slight dance territory, if the three flyer track are anything to go by. However, it is all very much still the unmistakable Foliage vibe, marrying jangled riffs to all manner of luxuriously distant soundscapes and dream-pop excursions.


Band: Dark Globes

Track:  Somewhere to Land From:  Lost Causes Label:  Self Released Release date:  Out now on pre-order releases 23 September 2019

The bands bio best sums them up !

Reassuringly downbeat, ego-free pop music, burying fragile songs under a fuzzy blanket of reverb, lit by a candle of jangle. A shy collective of Southenders, a mismatched coalescence of oddballs.


Band: Helen McCookerybook

Track:  A Good Life With A Bad Apple From:  Green Label:  Self Released Release date:  17 June 2019

For those of us who have amassed the sort of advanced years that now have us included in the ‘middle aged’ category,  the return of this artist in the early 2000’s, after an extended hiatus to deal with ‘real life’, was more than welcome.

All at once juxtaposing sophisti-pop, twee-pop and indie-pop without ever showing obvious seams Hmc is one of the most recommended accompaniments to those stolen moments of relaxation.


Band: Campfires

Track:  I’ll Go Home From:  Fare Tax Label:  Fire Talk Release date:  Pre order now out on 30 August 2019

It’s five years since their last album, Tomorrow, Tomorrow…which is too long! Brilliant Velvet Underground style fuzz-pop with frequent visits to jangle-pop city on route!


Band: Purling Hiss

Track:  Useful Information From:  Interstellar Blue (EP) Label:  Drag City Records Release date:  Pre order now out on 30 August 2019

Psych-Rock has never been so appealing since the grumble was removed and it became psyche-pop! However, this is genuine rock that manages to jangle in all the right places whilst generating the same sort of cloying humidity that makes fat people sweat in night clubs.


Band: Chastity Belt

Track:  Ann’s Jam From:  Chastity Belt Label:  Hardly Art Records Release date:  Pre order now out on 20 September 2019

4th album in total, 3rd with the always reliable Hardly Art Records and 2 years since their last full length…Chastity Belt with the sort of lo-fi, laconic jangly dream-pop essence that makes life just that more bearable!


Band: The Proctors

Track:  Letters to the Girl From:  Vinyl Single Label:  Self Released Records Release date:  Pre order now, out on 26 July 2019

First release in 4 years from the West Midland’s (UK) band who seem intent to lead the fight to ensures that mid-90’s jangly, anglo indie-pop never ‘actually’ dies.


Band: Mick Trouble

Track:  Bloody Blighty From:  It’s The Mick Trouble LP Label: Emotional Response Release date:  12 July 2019

Getting the guitar jangle/high end bass/snappy snare combo of late 80’s Television Personalities indie-pop right, is not always easy. Mick Trouble does it properly though !


Band: Anna Wiebe

Track:  It’s A Good Thing From:  All I Do Is Move  Label: Self Released Release date:  12 July 2019

Their is a beautiful simplicity to Anna Wiebe’s sound. Soft fluttering instrumentals never really tread too far from subtle jangled riffs and provide an unobtrusive but essential backdrop to a voice which has the ability to haunt with it’s chilling crystalline beauty.


Band: eGGs

Track:  Picture Book From:  eGGs  Label: Howlin Banana Records  Release date:  12 July 2019

We featured eGGs last single back in December 2018 (read here) and are happy to do so again. This sounds reminds me so much of the current Kansas City / Joplin alt.jangle scene of Eggs on Mars, Tennis Club etc…which is a good thing!


If you like these artists please muster up the enthusiasm to steer away from streaming sites and throw a few sheckels their way to pay for their music ! …see you next week for more new music recommendations.



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