Single Review: Get Bleak by Ducks Unlimited (2019) (Self Released)

The sheer brevity of the listening experience, usually means that a single fails to tick all the right boxes in the exact number of right ways…but when they do it is often the case that the affections of the listener towards the track are more dearly cherished than the album counterpart.

Get Bleak (above) by Toronto based two-piece, Ducks Unlimited, is most definitely one such single, as it somehow manages to seamlessly combine the slightly edgy, cool distance of any number of late 80’s Flying Nun Records bands, with the modern day indie chic of second generation The Go Betweens bands like The Goon Sax, albeit with a bounce and energy that hints more at the latest Brooklyn scene than consummate 80s ‘indie-pop sultry’.

I feel like I should say more. I feel like this single deserves it…however upon first listen you will realize it speaks for itself.

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