Beat the delete #0015 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: Mount Sharp

Track:  Apostate From:  Apostate (single) Label:  Self Released Release date:  19 July 2019

5 years after the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Weird Fears’ EP (out of YK Records), Mount Sharp are back with a track that just seems to have that little bit more control, maturity and decision about it…it also jangles the absolute heck within glorious fuzz-pop.


Band: Special Friend

Track:  Before From:  Special Friend (EP) Label:  Howlin Banana Records Release date:  pre-order vinyl now / release date 27 September 2019.

Their is so much superbly muscular jangly indie-pop coming out of the Parisien scene at present and much of it emanates from the increasingly essential Howlin Banana Records label…In Special Friend they have unearthed yet more brilliance.


Band: The Royal Landscaping Society

Track:  Clean From:  Means of Production (Compilation album) Label:  Matinee Recordings Release date:  Single out noew album out ‘later in the summer’

Part of a flyer singles batch to promote a new compilation album due out later in the summer, this track jangles with that C86 deliberate lack of intensity that typified late 80’s/early 90’s British indie-pop…the album is going to be a cracker!


Band: Ali Horn

Track:  Dreamers From:  Dreamers (single) Label: Self Released Release date:  03 July 2019

Expansive juxtaposition of jangly psych and dream pop from one time The Strange Collective songwriter, that works on many levels, to such an extent that BBC radio’s Liz Kershaw has recently gone to great lengths to extol it’s virtues as her ‘song of the year so far’.


Band: The Lousy Pop Group

Track:  When I’m With You From:  Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (EP) Label: Entos Anomicos / Shiny Happy Records Release date:  Single out now / EP to be announced

The Field Mice meets Rafa Skam, The Yellow Melodies vocals from this Indonesia band / German label indie-pop concoction. Lovely stuff. Even more lovely considering it is available as a free download!


Band: The Zoltars

Track:  Listen to CD’s From:  Telling Stories (album) Label: ATH Records Release date:  Single out now / Album 31 October 2019

Sliding 60s inflected Bay Area melodies and vocals onto subtle introspective fuzz-pop,  this track is a beautiful example of what The Zoltars pack into each of their vignettes.


Band: Trying

Track:  If I Don’t Get A Job From:  I Wont Let You Lose the Rhythm (EP) Label: Self Released Release date:  Digital EP available on pre-order now and out 26 July 2019

Less than a year after the quite brilliant ‘Leave and Never Come Back’ album, Cameron Carr et al are back with their inimitable, lo-fi, jangly, bubblegum beats that they intermittently smother in waves of the slightest fuzz. One of the more original acts around at present.


Band: Joel & Eddie

Track:  Going Nowhere From:  We Are…Joel & Eddie (EP) Label: Self Released Release date:  20 July 2019

All manner of beautiful 60s folk pop inflections on the debut EP of this Los Angeles based duo.


Band: Deadbeat Beat

Track:  You Lift Me Up From:  How Far (album) Label: Arrowhawk Records Release date:  Album out 02 August 2019

Arrowhead Records sweep up all the brilliance of DB’s old EP’s and place them on vinyl….so this track / album is not quite ‘new’, but very ‘overdue’ for vinyl lovers.


Band: Momma

Track:  Apollo / Highway From:  Apollo / Highway (single) Label: Danger Collective Records Release date:  28 June 2019

Barely a year after their critically acclaimed ‘Interloper’ album, Momma are back with a superb single. A-side ‘Apollo’ is an ear worm of lo-fi delights that typifies their strangely laconic intensity.


Band: Dunkie

Track:  Sugar From:  Working to Design (album) Label: Self released Release date:   2019 (?)

Welshman Anthony Price (aka Dunkie) has released four singles since 2018, all of which will appear on his soon to be released debut album. Marrying Julien Pitt (Armstrong) style vocal beauty to the most fragile of indie-pop, he ensures he has a style all of his own.


Band: Ruby Haunt

Track:  Cobweb From:  The Middle of Nowhere Label: Self Released Release date:  30 August 2019

This track never really gets going…but it has enough beautiful tranquility about it that you are happy just to get lost in it, like curing your hangover in your favourite pillow.


Band: Slowcoaching

Track:  Between the Walls From:  Between the Walls (single) Label: Self Released Release date:  10 July 2019

Melbourne based solo artist Dean Valentino (aka Slowcoaching) has now released half a dozen or so singles over the last couple of years that desperately deserve some attention or some kind label to convert them all to physical…lovely jangly dream-pop with their own discernible atmosphere.

If you like any of these artists please consider buying some of their work and/or liking/tweeting and whatevering them on social media.







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