Album Review: Home Time by Swim Team (2019) (Hysterical Records)

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Stick a pin into any of the bands on the Hysterical Records roster and you are likely to hear a female scream back at you. For the Melbourne based label appear to relish releasing great all/mostly female bands upon the world such as Moaning LisaShrimpwitch and Suss Cunts.

Swim Team may well be the best of the lot. They have an altogether original vibe that it is created from a variety of tried and tested musical formulas and influences. The best of the album, such as Grown Up, 5AM 5PM and Time and Sacrifice (all below) imbue vocal delicacies that is equal parts Aussie cool (think The Beths / The Stroppies) to the sweetness and deliberately deranged lack of harmony of 80’s stalwarts such as The Raincoats and The Slits, respectively.

All of the above is then distilled and fractured with obvious ponder, as cloying jangled riffs, become squeezed into reverb (Sales / Horsebeach fans may recognize the vibe) to ensure that any accusations of 80’s indie-pop / Melbourne scene pastiche are avoided with both ease and immediate effect.

Slightly weird. Occasionally obtuse. Deliberately fractious….but always alt.jangle at it’s very best.


Artist Links:  Facebook

Label Links:  Official Site  Bandcamp Twitter  Facebook




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