Single Review: Ain’t Nobody But Me by Those Pretty Wrongs (2019) (Burger Records)

                                                                                                  © Addison Hare

I could come up with numerous clever prose about why Ain’t Nobody But Me has genuine jangle-pop pedigree, but in this rare instance I will suppress my innate desire to impart our readership with flowery prose interspersed with needless and inappropriate usage of of big words and just leave you with the following three points.

a)  Those Pretty Wrongs are… Jody Stephens the drummer of jangle-tastic Big Star. He teams up with Luther Russell of roots-rock band The Freewheelers…and all just works.

b)  It might well work because of the following (excerpt taken from the bands official site

Those Pretty Wrongs was tracked entirely to 2” tape at Ardent Studios in Memphis, using much of the old Big Star gear, including Jody’s original kit from Radio City and Third and Chris Bell’s acoustic and electric guitars from #1 Record

c)  It is just ridiculously good…like ‘The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness’ drenched in sunshine

…and hopefully will be surrounded by tracks of a similar nature as it is the flyer single of the pre-order for the forthcoming album Zed for Zulu out of Burger Records.


Artist Links:  Twitter  Facebook  Official Site

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