Beat the delete #0016 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Band: Holly Berry Drive

Track:  Sidle From:  Sidle (single) Label:  Self Released Release date:  26 July 2019

Not sure why I like this so much, but it has become something of an obsession over the last couple of days, mixing the most tuneful ‘after pub drunk singer’ vocals to a fuzzy/jangly soundtrack.


Band: The Black Watch

Track:  Mad From:  Magic Johnson (album) Label:  ATOM Records Release date:  09 August 2019

I think this is The Black Watch’s 900th album (there must be nearly 20 now) and none of them have ever been anything less than exemplary. If this flyer single is any indication, then that trend is about to continue…


Band: The Reds, Pinks and Purples

Track:  City Gardens From:  Anxiety Art (album) Label:  Pretty Olivia Records Release date:  16 July 2019

Glenn Donaldson’s latest project infuses all that is good about second era The Go-Betweens indie-pop, all that shines in the San Francisco sun and delirious amounts of beautiful jangled riffs….Happy Days!


Band: Blue Spotlights

Track:  Dark From:  Two-Hearted  (EP) Label:  Self released Release date:  28 July 2019

Blue Spotlights have been slipping beautiful lo-fi jangle under the collective doors of cyber-world for a couple of years. Now is the time for them to stop being the internet’s best kept secret.


Band: Poppel

Track:  Listen From:  Make Sense  (Album) Label:  Meritorio Records Release date:  Out on pre-order now – ships 09 September 2019

After the critically acclaimed Gazer Tapes release, ‘Hit It’ album in 2018, Belgium’s finest musical exports find themselves in their spiritual home with the jangle-tastic Meritorio Records.


Band: Low Perfection

Track:  Wasn’t Enough From:  Wasn’t Enough (single) Label:  Self Released Release date:  28 July 2019

We have backing Low Perfection’s last couple of singles of the blog and BTD. This, his latest single, is perhaps the most dream-pop oriented of his catalogue, but also one of the most intensely beautiful, with the immediacy of it’s cloying jangle.


Band: Palm Friends

Track:  Governor From:  Palm Friends (EP) Label: Forged Artifacts  Release date:  Single out now …pre-order closes 16 August 2019

Think Galaxie 500 at their sweetest and then toasted in the sun…a beautifully languid sound.


Band: Petite League

Track:  Livewire Virus From:  Rattler (Album) Label: Zap World Records  Release date:  26 July 2019

After releasing an album a year between 2015-2017, this is their first since then from this New York based, baseball obsessed three piece. The break has done them good, as this album still retains their brilliant jangle infused fuzz, but the songwriting / production just seems that bit more controlled, without ever losing the lo-fi feel that has garnered them such a dedicated fan base.


Band: Mermaid Book Club

Track:  U R The Worst From:  Relatable Content (EP) Label: Anything Bagel  Release date:  19 July 2019

Sparse, fragile, jangly ‘coming of age’ indie-pop, for just 20 somethings who ‘have seen it all’ and older grunters like me…who wish they had.


Band: Parrot Dream

Track:  The Best From:  Light Goes B-sides (EP) Label: Good Eye Records  Release date:  26 July 2019

Consisting of three tracks that did not quite get the nod due to the vinyl constraints of 2018’s album ‘Light Goes’, this is still beautifully intense and slightly foreboding dream-gaze pop that sees Christina Appel’s voice clash in the best of ways with the occasionally crashing guitar accompaniments.



Band: Th Da Freak

Track:  I Don’t Surf (and I’m Doing Fine) From:  Light Goes B-sides (EP) Label: Howlin Banana Records  Release date:  26 July 2019

‘The French Beach Boys’ are back with what appears to be a less that subtle dedication to all thing Surf Pop…superb stuff and it’s on a ‘name your price’ download!


Band: Dude York

Track:  Falling From:  Falling (Album) Label: Hardly Art  Release date:  26 July 2019

One of three flyer singles from the forthcoming album of the same name. There is perhaps nothing really new on this album apart from the slight proliferation of down tempo tracks…however when the formula is almost perfect, does it really need to be changed?


Band: Shake Some Action

Track:  Falling From:  Thirty Nine (Album) Label: Kool Kat Musik  Release date:  26 July 2019

I always associate the Kool Kat Musik label as being a home for traditional power-pop and of course this band never step too far from such a sound. However, this is perhaps the most jangly of all the label’s recent releases and the entire album is a fantastic listen.


Please, please. lend some support to these bands if you like them…whether it be by throwing vasts amounts of money their way to buy their music or by sharing, liking, re-tweeting (etc etc etc) their music.


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