EP Review: I Won’t Let You Lose The Rhythm by Trying (2019) (Self Released)

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If Trying’s previous releases, especially the noise filled 2018 debut Leave and Never Come Back, showed that they were comfortable to enter the kingdom of cool through the back door marked ‘fragile, gritty and noise’, then this EP sees them cross the more traditional indie pop welcome mat, adorned with the words ‘slight’, sweet and jangly.

As such a track like the whispering jangly indie-pop of Blowing Wishes (see below) would be considered as a bit of a bully in Sarah Records types circles by just being that tad too muscular to really be considered anglophile fluffy and I Won’t Let You Lose The Rhythm just a tad too weird and fractious to really fall into indie-pop territory.

It is this refusal to fully assimilate into their obvious reference points and influences that has typified the genuine originality that is seen in their entire back catalogue.

Despite these glorious displays of ‘alternative fluffy’ the genuine grit of the band cannot be completely tamed, purposely harnessed perhaps, but not tamed. As such the EP’s superlative standout If I Don’t Get A Job slips out of the sacharrine and gradually develops into a minor fuzz-pop, buzzsaw guitar assault that is eventually too able for it’s ‘lovey’ lyrics. It is joined in limited aggression by the grumbling drum driven sound of Dog Videos which ends, with sumptious fraction, in a wall of distortion.

Of course Trying always strive for originality in all they do. As such they are pre-releasing their next album as two EP’s (this the first) and then augmenting it with new tracks non-EP tracks.

At the very least, this EP has provided the Columbus based 4-piece, with a platform that could see them expand upon either indie-pop or fuzz-pop routes in the forthcoming album. Us as fans have to be confident that whatever avenue they eventually travel down, will result in genuinely original brilliance.

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