Beat the delete #0017 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.



Band: Ghost Mall

Track:  Flowers From: A Collections of Songs  Label:  Chord Organ Tapes Release date:  26 July 2019

After their recent release of the Pity Child eponymous album in May 2019, Chord Organ Tapes are going to do nothing to diminish their growing reputation by signing Ghost Mall. This track of slightly distant, atmospheric, lo-fi jangle-gaze is typical of an album that keeps revealing extra layers upon every listen.


Band: Surf Friends

Track:  Outdoors From: Doing Your Thing  Label:  Flying Nun Records Release date:  28 July 2019

With a name like Surf Friends the imagination almost insists that images of preppy 20 year old males in pastel coloured shorts and garish shirts are engendered…however this band are signed to Flying Nun and as such that have their own inimitable sense of Kiwi cool’ and some testicles.

Band: The Stroppies

Track:  Noble Creatures From: Entropy, and Other First Hand Favourites  Label:  Hobbies Galore Release date:  28 July 2019

Demo’s and first cuts of otherwise released tracks are always a dangerous release option…but somehow you just knew that The Stroppies would add it to the vast collection of all the other things that they have touched that have turned to aural gold.


Band: Cazador de Cocodrilos

Track: Malboro Man From: Tu Avenger Favorito  Label:  Self released Release date:  31 July 2019

This is all sung in Mexican. Which may be a problem for anyone except Mexicans…or at least it would be if the music was not so packed full of jangled hooks and riffs that you cannot help but absolutely love it!


Band: Horsebeach

Track: Mourning Thoughts From: The Unforgiving Current  (album)  Label:  Alone Together Recordings Release date:  01 August 2019

Anybody who has been following this blog since it’s 2017 inception, will know that I am something of a Horsebeach ‘fanboy’. They are consistent conveyors of the finest jangle-gaze and somehow manage to slightly re-invent themselves with each release. This track/album is slightly more ‘funky’ than their previous work, but still inimitably brilliant.


Band: Parsnip

Track: Lift Off From: When the Tree Bears Fruit (EP)  Label:  Trouble in Mind Records date:  Out now on pre-order…released date 30 August 2019

This has to be the jangliest of the tracks Parsnip have released so far…hopefully the entire album follows a similar trajectory, without being at the expense of their brilliant 80’s inflected playfulness.


Band: Splendour

Track: Innocent Lie From: Demo (EP)  Label:  Self released Release date:  01 August 2019

2nd featured Mexican band of BTD #0017. Splendour are heavy of the jangle that fluctutaes in and out of typical Latin America jangle sound and the slightest infusion of gaze nd vast dollops of post-punk. For a demo / debut, it is one full of promise.


Band: Moaning Lisa

Track:  Take You Out From: Single Label:  Hysterical Records Release date:  01 August 2019

Think an Aussie Breeders with the grumbling bass being replaced by lead guitar riffs and hooks that pierce rather than mumble…and you have the brilliant sound of Canberra’s Moaning Lisa.


Band: Kosmonaut

Track:  Siver Star (acoustic) From: Digital single Label:  Self Released Release date:  22 July 2019

Over a year after saying goodbye to their fans with the awesome Debbie Harry’s Smile remix, Stephen Maughan et al could not resist just one final hoorah to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing…this acoustic version of the track from their 2017 Misfits on the Horizon album is so deliciously plinky, jangly and fragile you just want to wrap it up in cotton wool and give it to your mum for safekeeping.


Band: Van Houten

Track:  Moon From: Van Houten (album) Label:  Clue Records Release date:  Out now on pre-order…release date 13.09.19

An intriguing and special mixture of LIPS style expansive jangly dream-pop (the intro is a jangle dream) and the crooning voval inflections of the more sunshine pop sounds of Honeymoon, makes this sound one of the more original ones out in 2019.


Band: Small Crush

Track:  Tummy Rumblin From: Small Crush (album) Label:  Asian Man Records Release date:  26 July 2019

Proof positive that virtuoso vocals can do lo-fi..can do jangle…can do brilliance! 


Band: Marlette

Track:  Moon From: Songs From Nopo (EP) Label:  Self Released Release date:  14 July 2019

Jangle-pop as nature intended…all Teenage Fanclub lilt and R.E.M riffs. Glorious old school jangle.


Band: Shye

Track:  Amazing From: Digital single Label:  Self released Release date:  02 August 2019

Shye’s first real attempt to add guitars to her sound works with superb effect as she creates what really should be the jangly indie-pop hit of the summer.

Please upport these bands in whatever financial way is possible and/or with lots of social medoia likes etc etc etc…

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