Beat the delete #0018 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: Low Key Crush

Track:  Shelter From: Shelter (digital single)  Label:  Self Released Release date:  22 July 2019

Melbourne’s Low Key Crush represent all that is fine about the sort of slightly subdued, melancholy, jangly indie pop that the Aussies have been perfecting since the early 1980’s…another fine band to watch.


Band: Biitchseat

Track:  Bathroom From: To Name All the Bees in the Backyard   Label:  Self Released Release date:  Pre order now for 20 September 2019 release

Think how glorious it would be to have Amanda Palmer / Dresden Dolls doing jangly fuzz-pop. Think Clevelland’s finest…think Biitchseat.


Band: Little Lovers

Track:  1989 From:  Look out! It’s The Little Lovers (EP) Label: The Stable Label Release date:  Pre order now for 20 September 2019 release

All manner of yesterdays alt.jangle influences can be spotted in this brilliant 5 track EP. Despite the brevity, this release sits you down and doesn’t let your take your earphones off until it finishes, leaving you just that little bit unsettled at the end…just like all good alt.jangle should!


Band: Laughed The Boy

Track:  Post Card From: Change of Scenery   Label:  Self Released Release date:  09 August 2019

For those that would like swooning fuzz pop affections smothered in The Clientele’s cloying jangle…this Ontario based three piece will be happy to oblige.


Band: Super 8

Track:  Timebomb (feat: Lisa Mychols) From: Timebomb (digital single)   Label:  Self Released Release date:  07 August 2019

Biased?…of course we could be?…as Super 8 (aka Paul Ryan) is a Subjangle act (this blog’s label)…but for heavens’s sake he’s kidnapped the Queen of Power-pop Lisa Mychols and wrapped her inimtable vocals all over, under and around his 60/70’s power-pop musings…what’s not to like?


Band: Hater

Track:  Four Tries Down From: Four Tries Down/It’s A Mess   Label:  Fire Records Release date:  Order vinyl 7″ on pre-order until 06.09.19 release.

Sweden’s finest swirling jangly dream-poppers, are releasing this absolute nugget of a single to coincide with their US tour. I managed to catch these when overseas on business about a year ago and I can highly recommend their live experience…get their my American friends, if you possibly can !


Band: Kat Lee

Track:  Isn’t Up To Me From: Catch and Release (EP)   Label:  Self Released Release date:  EP release date to be announced.

This is the solo project of Kat Lee, who is better known for her work with Tiny Gun…this is stripped down, emotive lo-fi, with the most fragile of jangled accompaniment. Beautiful stuff.


Band: The Monotymes

Track:  Halloween 1813 From: Halloween 1813 (digital single)   Label:  Young Modern Records Release date:  01 May 2019

Ok it is beyond a month since it was released…but this is jangly indie-pop in the fashion of The Jeanines or The Oilies and as such we will bend the rules for this Ottawa based four piece and I will sit on the naughty step for missing it so far.


Band: The S-Bends

Track:  Grown Over From: Nothing Feels Natural to Me   Label:  The Stable Label Release date:  Out now

At their best The S-Bends juxtapose all that is cool about the Lewsberg style of half spoken word vocals, to the slightly muted grumbling of the best of the mid 90’s Triple J sound…Aussies rarely get their jangle wrong !


Band: The Vapour Trails

Track:  The Inner Truth From: See You in the Next World   Label:  Futureman Records Release date:  02 August 2019

More McGinn-esque 12 string Rick’ riffs than you can shake a stick from a band plainly determined to keep Scotland’s fine tradition of jangle alive!


Band: Cozy Slippers

Track:  A Million Pieces From: A Million Pieces (vinyl single)   Label:  Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten Release date:  09 August 2019

Seattle’s ever reliable indie-pop janglers, are back with a darker, more intense, almost post-punk janglers that fits so perfectly with the label-mates Jetsream Pony, Freidrich Sunlight, The BV’s etc.


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