EP Review: Present Disco /// Voss EP by The Fisherman and His Soul (Emma’s House Records).

There are many things, that many of a certain inclination may ponder. Why do Donkeys live longer than horses (?),  is an ‘r’ the only thing that separates badgers from badges (?),  can a wood have no trees and most importantly what does the male half of Dutch/German duo, Nah, do in his spare time?

I can only answer the last question. For The Fisherman and His Soul is the solo ‘home recording project’ of Munster (Germany) based Sebastian Voss, and is something of a departure from the ethereal soundscapes of his previous releases.

Initially, Let Everything That You Do Be Done In Love (Song for Johan) and French Cars (both below) both have the beautiful, fragile jangling introductions of The Trembling Blue Stars or Brighter. However, just as the ears crave pretty female vocals or fey male whispers to complete the Sarah Records comparisons, in comes Voss with his deep vocal richness, to spoil your expectations and excite the sense, in equal measures.

As with everything Voss is involved in, at some point his overt creativity will start to push the envelope towards a post box marked ‘superb weird pop’. As such Waterfall of Windows and Criticize see him overlay Fad Gadget 80’s post punk darkness, over a sort of  twisted chamber-pop. It is all very weird, but simultaneously acutely precise and is the perfect anecdote to the sweetness of the pop that has gone before.

You never quite know where any release involving Sebastian Voss is going to go…but you are always happy you ended up there with him!

*CD will be out on Emma’s House on 25th September 2019.

Artist Links:  Facebook  YouTube

Label Links:  Twitter  Facebook  


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