Album Review: Unfinished Business by The Irony Board (2019) (The Beautiful Music).

If music only decreed accolades upon the deserving, then Johny No Cash and his fellow Irony Boards would have usurped Take That, Blue and any number of 90’s bands whose members are now stalwarts of naff reality TV shows, as musics’ young, pretty and rich.

Of couse that did not happen. However, finally they look set to garner our affections, having been re-discover by a The Beautiful Music label that is on something of a roll after recent releases by Armstrong and the James Clarke Five.

Ultimately, this release is far different to the above two releases as they re-touch tracks from the 1990’s and thrive upon the very essence of indie cool rather than the smooth-pop, the label has recently concentrated upon. This is label owner, Wally Salem, caressing his Television Personalities affections with gusto.

Initially their sense of cool manifests itself with the sheer vibrant The 6ths / Razorcuts style prettiness of tracks such as Bus Stop Bravado, Influenza and the album’s true stand out, Hatty’s Back (see below). These tracks ooze mid to late 80’s British indie-pop stylistics with their tendency to jangle in all the most correct and conceivable places.

In fact with the possible exception of Decembers Embers which journeys upon something of an atypical, but nonetheless brilliant The Lily‘s style fuzz-pop route, the sense of indie-pop pretty acts as a foundation to the majority of the tracks on Unfinished Business.

However, the pretty is never sacharrine sweet. Tracks such as I’m Sensitive, It’s Casual and the superlative Wiseguys (see below) temper the ‘sweet’ of Sarah Records style fluttering jangle with lusciously deep Beat Happening vocal machinations, that provide just the right amount of complimentary ‘sour’.

Better late than never and never better than later, as The Irony Board enter back into a musical landscape that has recently shown signs of being ready to welcome them with open arms.

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