Album Review – Songs About You by Language of Flowers (2004) (Shelf Life Records)



Despite the brevity of the band (this was the only album for the Belfast based four-piece) this album has never been too far away from my listening affections over the last 15 years.

Initially it ticks the Sarah Records, late 80’s box, with the voice of Tara Simpson  assisting in drawing obvious Heavenly comparison as it flirts in, around and amid the deliciously fragile jangly guitar work of tracks such as Leaving, Who You’re With, She’s Gone Away and Summers Been and Gone (see below).

However, in the 2004 musical landscape of retro Postcard Records domination, slight jangly-pop bands could easily be swallowed in a wall of anxious guitar work, if they did not offer anything else and thankfully Language of Flowers offered different jangly nuances in abundance.

Initially Tara Simpson had a voice that could do ‘anti Sarah gruff’. This enabled her to take tracks such as the previously mentioned Summer’s Been and Gone into a completely different mid-track weirdness and to also share vocal duties with her male accomplice in Songs About You, without conceding emphasis.

It is also this vocal strength that assists/enables the band to augment the album with I Don’t Care at All (see below) and Tara Mascara that jangle in all manner of Marr / The Smith’s way. Attempts at this sort of sound very often flail, but not on this album.


After 15 years and amid a 1000 daily temptations to listen to whatever digital single may decide to attract/detract my attention, I still reach for this CD from time to time…I am never disappointed.

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