Single Review: Biting the Sky by The Oilies (2019) (Self Released)

The Oilies is the latest project of Carly Putnam (Reds Pinks and Purples, The Mantles and Art Museums) who has previously bestowed upon us a couple of Kiwi jangle inflected, indie-pop laced singles and the brilliant Psychic Dog EP (released out of her Red, Pinks and Purples bandmates’, Glenn Donaldson‘s Fruit and Flowers label).

This single sees them explore further the aesthetic created of Psychic Dog’s best track, The Living Room. As such Biting the Sky (see below) plants it’s flag in the unchartered hinterland between not quite dream-pop and too pretty for noise-pop. You know…somewhere in ‘there’.

As such this strange mix moves through all manner of beautiful atmospherics, from the plinking, plucked piano hook that drives a wedge through the heart of the entirety of the track to the distant jangled solemn lead guitar riffs that act as the main foundation/allure. It would be ever so slightly chilling if it was not so beautiful.

This is perhaps not really going to The Oilies / Putnam’s main vibe…but it may well be there best?

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