Album Review: Rush to Relax by Rush To Relax (2019) (Look Back and Laugh)

Slovenian, Damjan Manevski, is responsible for this brilliant slice of DIY alt.jangle that manages to cavort just around the fringes of ‘proper weird’, without ever really threatening to cross such potentially dismissive boundaries. Effectively the release is something of a smorgasbord of the best of unconventional jangle.

The primary influence feels like the 80’s as the act has no compunction in fully displaying their Wire implants as tracks like Ušte eden dečko and Pak kje begam (see above) shift between the scratchy, mettalic riffs of Pink Flag and juxtapose it with a Dunedin sense of laconic and a Lewsberg vocal delivery, most adroitly seen in the superlative Drugari (see below).

The teeth of even the most ardent fan of ‘weird jangle’ would start to itch if there was not something just that little bit more melodic/precious to add into the mix. Of  course an act like this one is not suddenly going to go all Aztec Camera or Armstrong on us as this would be too far of a departure point to their primary sensibility.

As such they choose the most acceptable of the best of alt.jangle as an influence, with tracks such as Ne bi čekal and Bez Oset being eveything The Feelies probably would have been if they were conceived as a notion 30 years later….all superbly fractious hooks and sub melodies.

Of course the ‘weirdy’ side of things and the non-English language vocals will not appeal to many, however for those of us who do not insist on the association between pretty and jangle and can indulge the left field that the genre has to offer, this album will tick many non linear boxes.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp

Label links: Twitter





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