Album Review – To Name All The Bees in the Backyard by Biitchseat (2019) (Self Released)



If the music world was a just and proper domain, this Biitchseat album would be usurping any number of Taylor Swift/Beyonce for popularity. Unfortunately the fans of those sorts usually have their ‘decidedly special thing going on intellectually’ and as such it is left to limited blogs like this one to fight the fight for brilliant new acts like this Cleveland based four piece…but it is so very worth it.

Initially Biitchseat present an strangely alluring fraction between the definitive melodies of jangle-pop and an attitude that would be punk if there was not the omnipotent sense of vulnerability in both sound and lyrics.

This is best seen in raucous tracks such as Bathroom (see video below), Doubtful Girl, Selfish World and Natty Boh as the lead female vocals layer a sort of post-punk Alanis Morrisette feminine strength to the more deranged emotionally charged anxiety ridden beauty of Amanda Palmer.

Such leftfield, demonstrative vocals cut through jangled melodies that have to fight for attention against a backdrop of the sort of fuzz pop noise that would fill every inch of a venue at the very best of intimate gigs. Essentially, this is music that connects on so many levels.

However, Biitchseat can also recline and ruminate amid more tender intensities with similar troubled ease, as tracks such as Susans (see below) and the albums true stand out, To Name all the Bees in the Backyard (For Barry) swap out the rumble and robust for mid range tempo’s that truly allow both the vocals and jangled melodies to breathe.

Well that’s all I can do from my side to get them out there a bit. Let’s just hope that the good people that dwell in the world of the indie underground join the fight en masse !!!

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