Album Review: Without Color by Blue Tomorrows (2019) (Moon Glyph)


Sarah Nienaber has beem involved in all manner of jangly dream-pop pretty for several years now in acts such as Web of Sunsets and Candace and thankfully this release from her latest incarnation reveals that such an aesthetic may well be her beautiful default mode.

This album has beautiful ‘Dream-pop everything’. In tracks such as Sound of Moving, Blackstone and the albums’ true stand out of Sonoma Mt.Rd (Deep Summer)(see below) the best of traditional spacious jangled dream-pop is proffered. It’s the jangle of L I P S, Launder and Hibou with a stunning extra grace.

However, tracks such Palisades (see below), Crescent Moon and Without Color represent  the best of the album and have that little bit of resigned western/psych-pop/ambient that is so hard to adequately explain, but coursed through the veins of acts like Cat Power, Mazzy Star and John Maus in relative measures.

Sarah Nienaber does intense jangled dream-pop beauty better than most these days and this in absolute must as the soundtrack to summer’s conclusion.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp

Label Links:  Facebook  Twitter


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