Album Review – Perfect Love Song by Lisa Prank (2019) (Father/Daughter Records)

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Seattle based Lisa Prank‘s sophomore is the perfect example of the soft loud dynamic employed within the context of an album rather than on an intra-track basis.

The album does loud with a thinly veiled sense sense of subdued. Like The Muffs courting added jangled sensibilities, the opening three track salvo of Rodeo (see below), Cross My Fingers  and Next Girl does melodic 90’s punk pop better than most of their 90’s  contemporaries aspired to. Such noise is imbued by tracks such as IUD and Brighton Blvd which slides, with contrived subtlety, into definitive fuzz pop climes, like a latter day Hole minus the obtuse and with perceptible vocals.

Beyond it’s own merits, the noise also acts as an inviting set of parameters to rebel against, with the genuinely charming appeal of lo-fi, jangled tracks, such as the beateous Ignore It, Need too Much, Telescope and the superlative stand out Constellations (see below) providing the alluring ying to the raucous yang.

This is an album completely devoid of any sense of grandiose or pompous. It just very much ‘is’ and whilst that may be a step sideways from the high brow needs of some, this is going to be an absolute god-send for those who just ‘enjoy’ enjoying music for the sake of it.

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