Beat the Delete #0026 – New Music Recommendations


New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Track:  Body Count From: Body Count (single)  Label:  Merge Records Release date: 02 October 2019

Washington DC is famous for producing jangle / power pop bands that can put a bit a bit of grunt and grumble into their melodies. Gauche are doing nothing to diminish that reputation and everything to enhance their own!



Track:  Cold Light of Day From: Cold Light of Day (cassingle)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 04 October 2019

Just when I thought my absolute obsession with this Rotterdam based 4-piece could subside, they come out with a new single and an October tour to the UK, Swiss, Italy, Germany etc…and so it starts again!



Track:  Maybe (demo) From: Maybe (single)  Label:  Self Released Release date:  October 2019

New Jersey’s Pynkie (Lindsey Rae Radice) is too pumped for lo-fi and too laconic for alt.jangle. As such the plinking fragility of this track sidles between the two extremes and makes whatever hinterland it resides in, her very own.


Failed Flowers

Track:  Faces From: Faces (single)  Label:  Slumberland Records Release date: Vinyl single out 01 Nov 2019 (pre-order now)

All delightfully very Sarah Records from the Ann Arbor, Michigan 4-some. Fey, hushed female vovals slipped into every conceivable essence of 80’s jangly indie-pop.


Super 8

Track:  BoNES From: Head Sounds (ep)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 07 October 2019

Anyone wjho follows this blog will know that our Subjangle label released a Super 8 compilation earlier in the year. We will also be sweeping up as much as possible of all his recent digital singles in the new year for another compilation…so stay tuned for brilliant jangly contempo pop like this on a CD soon!



Track:  Bitter Flags From: Terracotta Ladder (EP)  Label:  Hidden Bay Records Release date: From the EP out 18.10.19

For fans of William Tyler…who just wish he’d get his ambient electric on !!! I cannot believe that this superb French duo have eluded me for the last couple of years.



Track:  (She’s Got The) Shivers From: The Magical World of Mr Magpie   Label:  Self Released Release date: 23 August 2019 (I know I broke my month rule, but this is great!)

Sheffield duo mixing folk leanings with all manner of jangly psych-pop shivers. A lovely album with a definitive old school charm that touches on many 60s/70s/80s reference points,


Pavlov’s Puss

Track: Can You Pass Me A Krombacher, JS  From: Comfort Food  Label:  Melted Ice Cream Release date: From the EP out 18.10.19

Sublime weirdy outsider rock with definitive jangle sensibilities from Salad Boys guitarist et al. Think Violent Femmes meets Olden Yolk.


Joel Jerome

Track: There’s Nothing Here to Bother You  From: There’s Nothing Here to Bother You (Single)  Label:  Dangerbird Records Release date: 27 September 2019

The Dangerbord Records,  Microdose single series is throwing up some absolute brilliance led by this single that reveals what Fred Thomas might have done with his imaginary The Beatles tribute act. Stunning…

River Westin

Track:  Gardens in the Summer From: Gardens in the Summer (single)  Label:  Kayuta Records Release date: 04 October 2019

Beautifully antiquated dream-pop essences juxtaposed over composed Armstrong style vocals and occasional chamber-pop flourishes.



Track:  The West Hollywood Broken Hears Club From: The West Hollywood Broken Hears Club   Label:  Chord Organ Tapes Release date: 04 October 2019

Wells has that whole weirdy contempo pop essence which just about makes you drift away from each track before some sort of isolated skew jangled riff pulls you back in to retain your interest. 8 tracks of musical intrigue…

If you like these acts, please support them in whatever way you possibly can! Let’s keep them around and making music!!!



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  1. […] The Dangerbord Records,  Microdose single series is throwing up some absolute brilliance led by this single that reveals what Fred Thomas might have done with his imaginary The Beatles tribute act. Stunning…(Janglepophub) […]


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