Video Premiere: Signals from Beloved Binge (2019) (Self Released)


Beloved Binge by Jane Sorenson

After waxing lyrical about husband and wife duo Beloved Binge, in our Beat The Delete #0022 post a few weeks back, Janglepophub were delighted to get an invite to premiere the video (see below) for the Signals title track of their new album, which is out tomorrow (available on Vinyl here).

Juxtaposing vaguely melodic isolated riffs and promised but ultimately rejected hooks, Beloved Binge force Fad Gadget style post-punk sparcity onto the sort of punk-pop psychedelia that coursed through the veins of the Velvet Underground.

The sound is impersonal, contrived and vacuous, with the stuttering chords giving the impression of all things tentative and largely impersonal, which is perhaps the perfect aesthetic for a track about the indifference experienced when living in the soul consuming big city.

If the entire contents of their 6th album are just as raw and atmospheric as this track then it deserves to consume our attention.


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