Beat the Delete #0028 (New Music Recommendations)

BTD0027WP (1)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.

Kiwi Jr

Track:  Salary Man From: Football Money Label:  Self released Release date: Pre order album now…release date 08.01.20

Alvvays guitarist, Brian Murphy’s, other band. This Candian 4 piece somehow seamlessly joins all manner of traditional 12 string jangle to the slightly bratty inflections of 90’s American Alt.pop/rock.




Track:  Blankenship From: Deceiver Label:  Captured Tracks Release date: 04.10.19.

You can count on any release by these Brooklyn jangle rockers to find the perfect blend between Beach Fossils, My Bloody Valentine and 90’s grunge. This track is an absolute banger.



Track:  There’s a Riot Coming From: Low Tide Label:  Too Long Records Release date: Pre-order album now for 25.10.19 release.

Erwan Pépiot is a French multi-instrumentalist with a bag load of Morrissey vocal inflections and even more traditional indie-pop reference points. A must for fans of The Smiths and anything late Sarah Records.



Track:  Oh Lord From: Werwe Label:  Self released Release date: 27.09.19

Latest solo project of Philadelphia based Steve Martinho slips jangly lo-fi through a quite brilliant Violent Femmes machine



Track:  Sateet From: Tvartom Label:  Self released Release date: 25.09.19

Finland’s Miracle Legion fronted by Billy Bragg…superb stuff even if you don’t know a word of Finnish!


Charcoal Burners

Track:  The Verlaines and Husker Du From: The Verlaines and Husker Du Label:  Self released Release date: 15.09.19

Dunedin act going all anti-Dunedin with whispering melodies that simper amid the subtle gaze and more dominant fuzz. Not sure how I missed this act for so long!


The Golden Dregs

Track:  The Thirst of May From: Hope is for Hopeless Label:  Funnel Music Release date: 27.09.19

Baritone grumbler twists his darkness in, around and through all manner of jangled riffs and subdued hooks. This entire album is a real grower.


Ryan Melone

Track:  Honeybun From: Bedroom Bangers (EP)  Label:  It’s Not Records Release date: Single out now / EP out TBA

Mixture of anxious staccato plucked riffs and charity shop bedroom pop that stops just short of the croon. A great vibe.



Suzy Callahan

Track:  Karen (Country version) From: Karen (Country version)  Label:  Self Released Release date: 22.10.19

Palehound / Snail Mail / Soccer Mommy meets all manner of country inflections without ever threatening to go all banjo. One of those tracks you just have to keep returning to.


Ruby Bones

Track:  Rooftops From: Tooth (EP)  Label:  Mint 400 Records Release date: 18.10.19

New Jersey 3-some falling between the playfulness of Beeef and the slight more abrasive Ted Leo. Looking forward to getting hold of this one! 


Kinda Kids

Track:  Easy A From: Easy A  Label:  Self Released Release date: 25.09.19

There is a reason why this band of teens supported the likes of Bonny Doon and Snail Mail before the release of their debut album…and now you get to listen to it below!



Track:  Young Again From: Mayflies  Label:  Both Records LLC Release date: 19.09.19

The most beautiful track from an album that slides subtle fragile jangled riffs through beautifully dense atmospherics. 


If anythin g on todays new music recommendations appeals, please support the relevant artist(s) in any way possible. A monetary purchase and/or a bag load of social media references can make the world of difference to keep such acts around!


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