Single Review – Not at All by Tailbird (2019)(self released)


Not At All is the sort of track that you like despite yourself. For while every pore in your body is urging you to dispel any notion of bubblegum pop from your mind, the body has a different subsconscious.

It starts with listening to the track for much longer than you thought you would, graduates into a subtle and surreptitious inner rhythmic head nod and before you know it you are seeking secret places to have a proper ‘dad dance’, under the guise that ‘your kids love it.

Finally you scrummage with the cognitive dissonance that liking such music brings by winning inner debates about the aesthetic actually being jangly twee and therefore untimately more acceptable.

Or perhaps that’s just me?…But I doubt it.

For regular fans this is the Brooklyn NY’s duo best since since New Machine. For new fans this will be enough to get you cyber flicking through their back catalogue….and staying too long.

Artist Links:  Soundcloud

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