EP Review – Dali by Dali (2019) (Self Released)

Dali are something else.

Dali are that kid at school who nobody talked to because he was different…and then the  different became cool.

Dali are the Sydney based duo who mix country inflections and dry twang jangle in a track such as the opening Soliloquy (see below) and still make it essential, even after seemingly playing every instrument under water?


Dali are that smell that would be so bad if it did not remind you so much of all things familiar to home.

Dali are the non-Amanda Palmer act who can make the ukelele sound so mych more more than George Formby (see the Art School track)

Dali are the reason for busted pop.

Dali can make an ear worm out samples of vinyl feedback, crackles and hiss wrapped around nothing more than the summery gaze inflections of the not quite fuzz-pop, Poppongene style brilliance of Gemini (see below).


Dali are a reviewers nightmare. Simultaneously unexplainable and too obvious at the same time, everything about them screams ‘this should not work’ as the next snidey hook plants itself into your psyche for the next few hours.

Dont spend too much decipering it all…just enjoy.

Artist Links:  Twitter Instagram  Facebook  Spotify


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