Album Review: Chastity Belt by Chastity Belt (2019) (Hardly Art)


It has been nearly a month since Chastity Belt released this, their fourth full length and in that time all manner of internet music mags have fallen over themselves to declare it’s brilliance, in the sort of typical .com type wordsmithery that blogs turned to zines, manage to eradiate.

Most hint at lead singer’s Julia Shapiro‘s recent mid tour cancellation and mental exhaustion as a kind of source document for what the album emanates from. Of course the ‘.com zines’ can do this as most are substantial enough to get the sort of audience with the stars that reveals such things.

For the rest of us .home.bloggers / blogspotters we have to make do with what the music means to us, rather that what it was written to actually express…and undoubtedly we prefer it that way.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and outdoorWith no pressure to get things ‘right’ we just listen and Chastity Belt are the ultimate band for that. Occasionally this album allows Shapiro to become vocally animated, raising the noise level a decibel and perhaps even taking a journey into the nosebleed heights of mid tempo.

However, that is not what the album is about for me. I just want to get the feeling of lying on the grass in the breezy sunshine as an old friend with a simply beautiful voice and ever so slightly (gorgeous) dead pan voice talks about stuff, as the sort of beautiful chunky melodic riffs that awash tracks like Ann’s Jam (see below), Elena, Apart and Drown (see below) wash over you…it really is that simple as that.



Of course, I may be being selfish and a tad trite. It may be that readers of reviews about this band transcend ‘just that feeling’ and need to know all about the particular emotion that led to the formation of a particular lyric, within a particular song.

…but that’s what the good’s are for.

Artist Links:  Official Twitter  Facebook

Label Links:  hardlyart.comFacebookTwitter

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