Beat the Delete #0029 (New Music Recommendations) 28/29 October


This weeks new music recommendations are as follows:


Ducks Unlimited

Track:  Anhedonia From: Anhedonia  Label:  Self Released Bobo Integral date: 22.10.19

Just when you thought that their Get Bleak single (also from this EP) was nailed on for single of the year, Ducks Unlimited muddy the selection waters with this brilliance !


Theatre Royal

Track:  Incidental Friend From: Incidental Friend (EP)  Label:  Self Released  date: EP out 22.11.19

Medway’s finest promise yet more brilliance with this title track from their soon to be released Incidental Friend EP


Secret Knives

Track:  Excess From: Snuff  Label:  A Low Hum / Prison Tapes Release date: 22.10.19

Coming 9 years after their critically acclaimed debut ‘Affection’, Secret Knives are back with inelastic electonic that acts as a bedrock to luscious jangled riffs. Great stuff.


Coast Red

Track:  Weekend Like From: Dreamin II  Label:  Self released Release date: 04.10.19

Dreamy surf rock vibes slathered all over 90 rock American-isms…This album is an enthralling listen from the very start.


Pin Ups

Track:  Lazy From: Lazy (single)  Label:  Self released Release date: 18.10.19

Perhaps a little bit too pop in their previous singles, this latest direction is a surprising journey into where early Primal Scream might have gone if they had found psych before Madchester consumed them…a truly great sonic adventure.




Will Samson

Track:  Flowerbed From: Paralanguage  Label:  Wichita Recordings Release date: 06.12.19

If ‘ethereal jangle’ is not a thing yet, this act has just created a beautifully intense and atmospheric genre.


Jarod Lawley

Track:  Everything That I Need You To Be From: Everything That I Need You To Be (single) Label:  Self released Release date: 22.10.19

Whilst seemingly every other young popster offers intent to get on the radio by going all Jason Derulo, this 21 year old Londoner mixes a Nick Cave baritone and atmosphere to cod surf rock jangle.

It is a strange mix and one that you should not keep coming back for more with…but this and his previous two singles just have ‘that’ strange, truly original allure.



Track:  The Silence From: The Silence (single)  Label:  Self released Release date: 22.10.19

Atlanta based Bailey Crone, weaves gaze vocals through all manner of Poppongene style jangly dream-pop. A truly beautiful vibe.



Track:  Align From: Align (single)  Label:  Self released Release date: 25.10.19

For fans of the sort of expansive gaze style dream pop of the Beach Fossils / Hibou / Horsebeach etc. This act and their second single, fits very well with such exalted company


The C in Zac

Track:  Long Song From: The Z in Zac Album (singles)  Label:  Self released Release date: 18.10.19

Fluttering, plinking annasuming guitar-pop that makes you come back for, especially in those moments when the ‘more’ in life needs to be avoided! Sunshine, garden and beer music!


Thanks for listening. If you like any of these bands please throw all your money and any other support at them in a most indiscriminate manner!

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