EP Review – Cosmic Crush by Inverted Jenny (2019) (self released)

Anybody who knows me will testify that essentially I am a bit rubbish. Not in things like work, marriage, education (proper stuff, etc) where I have tended to exceed the decidedly un-expectant expectations of my teachers…but more so in my general tendency to drift through life in a dizzy state, not really giving a gnats fandangle about too much. It’s my attention deficit curse and it’s all very ‘so what’ to me.

However, the tendency to forget the best music submitted to me, could be the reason why I have missed out on enjoying this brilliant 4 track EP by California’s Inverted Jenny, who are a four piece led by the song writing / vocal brilliance of Claire Epting.

These four tracks have a bit of everything that slides around the fringes of jangle or at least augments it. Slow laconic Snail Mail style tempo’s and slightly impassive, hushed Hope Sandoval vocals are juxtaposed against a subtle fuzz pop that intrudes through any sense of impassive and just about fails to absorb the slightest of country inflected jangled riffs, that would be all too slight if they were not so incredibly beautiful.

If your eights months ‘behind’ like I usually am, such a finding will add an extra sense of stunning cool to your life.

Artist Links:  Instagram Facebook


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