Album Reviews – Time Again by the Dumb Things (2019) (Coolin by Sound)

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After the critical acclaim afforded to their eponymous debut album, Brisbane based five piece Dumb Things are back with their second album of a stellar 2019 for them.

Perhaps this is the sound of either an extra layer of maturity or just a band that has started to believe in their own abilities, for stylistically things have adjusted, as ‘changed’ would perhaps be too lucid a description.

Such adjustments can be seen in a definitive increase in tightness. Whereas the debut was a more ramshackle, rumbunctious affair that typified a kind of 90s Triple J slacker pop, tracks such as the brilliant Nights (see below), Suburbs, Carpark Daydream and Do It Again have a foundation of The Weather Prophets, The Loft, early The Chills style tight twanging jangled riffs, that hint at influences far more extensive that simply Australiana, but at the same time fits so comfortably with that general essence.

However, the best of the album has far more obvious Aussie influences. The juxtaposition of slight cinematic distance and  typical Aussie slight deadpan vocals of tracks like Crash Barrier (see below) and Easier Said, suggest a successful tryst between The Stroppies and The Triffids. It simply oozes both the modern and 80’s Aussue jangle scenes.

Dumb Things have plainly made a mockery of the old ‘difficult sophomore’ adage and the immense growth between the two albums in such a short space of time hints at huge future potential.

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