Single Review – Wet Towel by Poppongene (2019) (Our Golden Friend)

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a musical instrument

I have been something of Poppongene cyber groupie ever since the coolest of all the ‘Melbourne jangly chanteuses’ released the quite sublime Esky single in 2017. Unfortunately, such groupie-ism wasn’t really that successful considering a) I am 50 years old and any groupie days are somewhat confined to yesteryear and b) she then did not release anything for over two years.

Thankfully, 2019 has seen her release three singles and Wet Towel is undobtedly the most startling in terms of beauty and a little bit of extra muscularity. This single just about manages to hang onto to the barest of her earlier dream-pop coat tails and embrace the sort of slight dead pan vocals that makes Aussies so damn cool, whilst imbuing earthy Triple J isolated and jangled riffs to the dreamy mix.

Everything that Sophie Treloar has done in her solo sojourn away from day job band Sunbeam Sound Machine has radiated both sunshine and the possible lack of inclination to enjoy it…which is just the way we love her.

Artist Links:  Instagram Bandcamp  Twitter  Facebook

Label Links:  Twitter Instagram  Official Facebook



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