Fickle Finger #0011 (Editors Choice Playlist)

It’s been a while since we did a Fickle Finger…I hope you think it’s worth the wait as we take a trawl through all of things that have caressed, cajoled and cavorted with our inner ears over the last month or so.

Listen to each track individually (links below) or all in one go on the Mixcloud above)


The Ryan Marquez appreciation society! 

Having long been a fan of Ryan Marquez, I was delighted when he agreed to let our little Subjangle label release his debut EP by his latest project The Umbrella Puzzles… In a musical career stretching back to the late 1990’s, Ryan has been involved in every thing from Sarah Records style sweet jangly indie-pop to the down right fuzz laden machinations of his earliest work.

The tracks below are among my favourite and represent all styles of his work.

  • The Umbrella Puzzles –  Somersaulting (2019) (from The Umbrella Puzzles (EP) out of Subjangle
  • Golden TeardropsFor A Rainy Day (2018) (from Promises and Smiles out of Emma’s House Records)
  • Apple Orchard  –  That Sleepy Side of Town (2009) (from the self released Leafy Lanes (EP))
  • Sodajerk  –  Honeysuckle (2000) (from the self released My Sweet Dream compilation)


Tracks I have been obsessed over recently…

My scrobbler what’s it thingy (sorry young folks, my wife set this up for me and ‘thingy’ is about as technical as it gets for me) is linked to all manner of places that I listen to music at…over the last month the following acts have been getting  my primary aural devotion (in no particular order of absolute greatness):


  • Dumb Things  –  Suburbs  (2019) (from Time Again out of Coolin By Sound)
  • Quivers  –  When it Breaks (2019) (new single out Hotel Motel Records)
  • Acid Ghost  –  All Alone (2016) (from the Vacations compilation out of Human Sounds Records)
  • Poppongene  –  Esky (2017) (Single out of Our Golden Friend)
  • Poppongene  –  Wet Towel (2019) (single out of Our Golden Friend)
  • Jed Whedon and the Willing  –  Tricks on Me (2010) (Nervous Circus Records)
  • Self-Help  –  Sick on a Saturday (2018) (Self Released)


Viva Sunshine pop! …Viva F.A.R. OUT !!!

After the success of their Sophistipop and C86 compilations, Amsterdam based Estella Rosa and her small but perfectly formed label Fadeawayradiate Records have given the Sunshine pop genre the same brilliant treatment. This time with all original content from a plethora of brilliant acts.

After much anguished consideration the three below are my absolute favourites:


Image result for big hair 80s imagesLovin’ the 1980’s

The readership of our Twitter place of jangle worship (@janglepophub) were asked to submit their favourites jangly tracks of the 1980’s.

While the crowd were coming up with the usual R.E.M, The Smiths, Miracle Legion luminaries…our readership were applying their extensive knowledge and giving love to the following bands:

  • St. Christopher  –  Forevermore Starts Here (From the self released The Summer 1987 Flexi disc)
  • Benny Profane  –  Tear The Web (1989) (From the Trapdoor Swing album out of Play Hard Records)
  • The Primitives  –  Thru The Flowers (1987) (Single out of Lazy Records)


Lydia LunchA few Post-punk Janglers…

The new post-punk(ish) jangly sound is referred to as jangle-gaze these days and has a fluffier, prettier more melodic feel to the PP of the 80’s.

However there are some modern bands who refused to let the brilliant ‘old school’ die and are still producing the more muscular jangly sound from yesteryear with total brilliance and bombast. Here’s a few below:


Useless Cities  – To Be Ruined (2016) (Self Released)

 JunodreamAs Far as I See (2019) (Self Released)

 Ancient Channels  –  Footprints in the Dark (2019) (self Released)

See you soon for another Fickle Finger! 


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