EP Review – Gleaming Spires by Ducks Unlimited (2019) (Bobo Integral)


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Jaunty has bad connotations for me. Jaunty is the really posh arty drama teacher with a slightly pervy smile, who wore his hat at a ‘jaunty’ angle or your best kept secret aunt  whose alcohol induced idiosyncracies, were referred to by the family matriachs as her ‘jaunty attitude’…at best jaunty is unnecessary enthusiasm, which can be very annoying.

These four tracks from Toronto duo Ducks Unlimited, are going to get a lot of the jaunty adjective when other descriptives should have far more appeal.

Initially I will go for bouyant. As all four tracks develop a foot tap, into a head nod, into possible full on shapes that have simultaneously kept my kids amused and me searching for the influences that may have have elicited the various vibes intra-track vibes.

Initially, lead single Get Bleak elicits The Pastels comparisons. All C86 slight under-production with added jangled energy, it is a track that will undoubtedly be a live favourite, as it is literally impossible to prevent spme sort of bodily movement as all manner of jangled riffs and hooks chime to a crescendo.

The second single, Gleaming Spires (see below) evokes the feel of Kansas City inland surf bands such as Eggs on Mars, Tennis Club, Readhouse whilst being vocally more concise and infinitely tighter / less ramshackle. It is the surf rock of those who like it for the kangle rather than for those who like the psych elements. All clean, crisp and already somewhat uniquely Ducks Unlimited, you will still simply have to move.


However, the best of the tracks, owe a more obvious debt to all things The Go-Betweens. Annie Forever (see below) is 80’s Grant McLellan at his move lovelorn, wistful and ridiculously cool whereas Anhedonia compares to the bands that compare to 2nd era Robert Forster, such as The Goon Sax, The Twerps and The Stroppies.

It was obvious this band had genuine potential when a label with the pedigree of Bobo Integral pick up their debut EP release…I am a bit surprised it is likely to be the best EP of 2019 though !

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