Album Review: Human to Human by Woolen Men (2019) (Self Released)

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With half a dozen albums in six years it is fair to say that Portland threesome, the Woolen Men, are somewhat prolific. However where the word can conjure up negative connotations of haste addled imperfections caused by desperation to remain in the public eye, this act manage to avoid such associations by imbuing each realse with at least a couple of absolute bangers in each release.

However, to this committed fan, Human to Human is by far their best release so far,  with their signature crescendo of fuzz, erratic usage of recoiling distortion, potted off kilter jangled riffs and spacey, left field, demi-chant vocals (think Gary Numan suddenly deciding he was a punk) ensuring that tracks such as In the Corner, Your Kind (both below), Mexico City Blues, K-Punk and Space Invader all extol the virtues of their abrasive, The Mantles style, jangle punk.

Another great release from one of the most consistent alt.jangle acts around.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp  Facebook


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