Beat the Delete #0035 (New Music Recommendations)


This weeks new music recommendations are bought to you courtesy of the following lovely bands, who have done me the absolute honour of not submitting me Xmas music nonsense and thus deserve a little ego stroke and mention from the janglepophub grinch!

Remember, if you like these bands please support them in whatever way possible, be it fiscal or with lots of social media love…let’s keep them around for as long as possible.

The Reds, Pinks and Purples

Track:  I Should Have Helped You From: I Should Have Helped You (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

It has been a prolific year for Glenn Donaldson‘s latest project with a release in 7 of the months since March 2019. Once again this single does nothing to disappoint with the slightest of fuzz overlayed upon the jangled strains of 80’s / 90’s yesteryear.



Track:  Ghost From: Ghost (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

New Yorker, Joe Beerman, follows on from the glorious lo-fi intropsection of April’s ‘Adam Driver’ EP, with yet more of the most melancholy Nap Eyes inflections you could wish for, all wrapped up for you in the best potted jangled the genre has to offer.


Mo Troper

Track:  Jas from Australia From: Natural Beauty (album) Label:  Tender Loving Empire Records  Out:  Album out 14.02.2020

Portland solo act who mixes Ray Davies style sub minutiae lyrics through semi fuzz and the glare of slight lo-fi jangle, to provide contempo-pop that makes you want to celebrate the downright coolness of what so many musical nerds are getting up to these days.



Track:  YLMD From:  YLMD (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

Hussy is the solo project of Sophie Nicole Ellison and could be described as South East London’s answer to Pixey, if it was not for the fact that her sound is textured with extra layers of grumbling fuzz and dreamy stoicism. Pre-Friday night ‘out out’ music at it’s best.



Track:  Funny Boy From:  Funny Boy (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

For those worrying about whether there would ever be anything after 2018’s wonderful ‘Neoteny’ album Lindsay Rae Radice has suddenly popped up with this beautiful slice of laconic alternative dream pop. 


The Drives

Track:  Bloody Nose From:  Bloody Nose (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

All big jangled intro’s and dominant riffs coursing through even bigger indie rock production, this LA duo have the ability to be stadium fillers and still appeal to the sense of cool the indie crowd desire.


Fins ‘n’ Tins

Track:  In My Room From:  In My Room (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

Uk based Dutch act, doing surf rock the way nature intended…dirty, grumbling, early 60’s and West Coast. The sort of surf rock Poseidon listens to in his chill time.


Aja Newsome

Track:  In My Room From:  In My Room (single) Label:  Self released  Out:  Now

I have been following this artist for a while now on Soundcloud. Her style usually takes on slight jazz pop stylistics, but this track adopts a beautiful instrumental jangled ambience as it’s foundation…truly beautiful guitar work.


The Treetops

Track:  Everything Solved at Once From: Tabula Rosa (album) Label:  Recordiau Libertino Records Out:  Now

It’s hard to pinpoint the aesthetic of this Ontario based 5-piece. All massive indie rock production, with slight gaze sensibilities and bombastic chiming riffs, it is probably just best to enjoy being consumed by the sound, rather than try to deconstruct it.


Silent Forum

Track:  Everything Solved at Once From: Everything Solved at Once (album) Label:  Recordiau Libertino Records Out:  Now

With the song structures and tempo of early 90’s XTC married to the angularity of a Postcard revival band like Bloc Party, this welsh four-piece seem intent of adding a sense of familiar originality to the current musical landscape.


Altre di B

Track: It’s A Cloudy Day In San Francisco feat Baseball Gregg From:  It’s A Cloudy Day In San Francisco feat Baseball Gregg (single Label:  Self released Out:  Now

Bologna, Italy four piece Altre Di B, are, in this track, responsible for the biggest ear-worm of a chorus that 2019 has seen.

Adding Pavement American alt.rock stylistics to De Marco style bouncing jangle this band are truly unique.


José Junior

Track: Samantha From: Samantha (single) Label:  self released Out:  Now

Fred Thomas slightly countrified jangled, meets feint dreamy gaze musical musings and Nick Cave vocals….what’s not to like? Truly an original vibe.


Wyatt Blair

Track: Boys Night Out From: Boys Night Out (single) Label:  Lollipop Records Out:  Now

This single offers the sort of 70’s power-pop that has been rapidly losing my attention of late…however this track and indeed much of Blair’s output is hard to put down, primarily as in each bag load of hooks their is some semblance of a brilliant jangled riff.


Charli Adams

Track: Backseat From: Backseat (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now

This singer songwriter provides chiming background jangle and a sense of the cinematic that usually gets swept aside in a sea of sentimental.

However, on this occasion the beauty outweighs any need to have my music laced with any essence of testosterone…a truly stunning track.

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