Single Review – Never Change by Grids & Dots (2019) (Self Released)


Never Change is one of those tracks that screams out ‘single’. However, is not quite as lucid in immediately revealing it’s influences, such is the multi-aural textures to be found in it’s aesthetic.

Initially the foundation is the experimental ‘not quite gaze’ inflections of a band  like Stereolab. Onto this they mould the extra melodies and definitive riffs / hooks of acts such as Lush and The Sea and Cake with added emphasis on chiming jangle and the slightly deadpan, but ultimately cool Robert Forster type vocal delivery….altogether it adds up to a tightness and potential that is really more than any debut single deserves!

The Bandcamp bio of this Sydney based four-piece hints at an ambitious release schedule of 12 tracks over the next year. If they succeed we are going to be clambouring to buy what could be a superb compilation at the end of the year !

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