Single Review – You’re Not Always On My Mind / When It Breaks / Me In Honey (R​.​E​.​M. cover​)​ (2019) (Turntable Kitchen)

All hail labels like Seattle based Turntable Kitchen. The likes of whom express their  genuine love of independent music by releasing beautiful slices of 7″ vinyl that simultaneously entice the youth away from ‘mouse click music’ and provide grunters like me the yesteryear thrill of getting that new vinyl smell in our nostrils (it’s like that new car smell, but better).

TK’s latest release sweeps up two brilliant tracks from  Hobart (Australia) four piece Quivers, who appear to be on a personal mission to make ‘earworm beauty’ their own personal new genre.

The opening track You’re Not Always on My Mind  (see below – originally released in February 2019) slather the big bombastic chunky basslines of early 80’s U2 and Simple Minds, under intermittent effervescent Terry Malts style chiming riffs. It’s the perfect contrast.

The Quivers Bandcamp bio suggests ‘shimmering jangle from the 80’s’ and when it Breaks (originally released digitally in October 2019) promptly delivers on such a delicious promise, with lucid The Go-Betweens melodies/textures and a sense of all things  right about the Aussie indie of the era.

The final track is the a remarkable cover of R.E.M‘s  Me In Honey  (see below). Whilst staying relatively faithful to the original the extra distance of the vocals, slightly denser production and vibrant harmonious male / female vocal interplay, adds a stunning sense of originality to the track that is created from the most subtle of nuances.

After the brilliance of their 2018 We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses album, it is heartwarming that Quivers confirm that ‘brilliant’ appears to be their likely default mode.

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