Beat the Delete #0036 (New Music Recommendations)


Thanks so much to all the following bands for taking the time out to submit their music to me in the last couple of weeks, it really is a genuine honour.

Don’t forget, please support any of the following bands that you like in any possible way you can. A purchase of their music and/or social media likes/shares helps keep them around for our aural pleasure for even longer!


Will Wolfe

Track:  Saying Goodbye From: Saying Goodbye (album) Label:  Manimal Vinyl Records Out:  Now

This has the slight countrified, indie-folk inflections that usually would not be considered subject matter for this blog. However, this artist, adds insanely catchy flat jangled riffs to this track that make it is the year’s best/worst earworm…a track you just cannot stop listening to.



Track:  Early Morning From: UR Everything (album) Label:  Salinas Records Out:  10 January 2020

Imagine pre ‘It’s a Shame…” Lemonheads melodic intent, slathered in a fuzz/grunge laden psych rock anxiety and you are just about in the right ballpark of this Austin based three-piece. Battered fuzz at it’s best.


Loose Buttons

Track:  Falling into a Hole From: Something Better (album) Label:  Moon Crawl  Records Out:  07 February 2020

Muscular jangly indie with the textures of a RGV or DIIV type band and the twanging guitar work of Possible Humans. Track features Ava Trilling of Forth Wanderers which only helps to accentuate the brilliance.


Terrible Signal

Track:  Look in the Water From: When Saturn Returned (single) Label:  Dusky Tracks Out:  Now

Perth based Triple J / Flying Nun crossover sound with the earthy strength of another band from that town like the Rainyard. Not as pretty as all these jangly Melbourne acts, but with it’s own more muscular Australiana charm.


Virginia Wade

Track:  When Saturn Returned From: When Saturn Returned (single) Label:  Self released Out:  Now

Such a great vibe. Futtering Sarah Records style jangle, underlayed against a dark fuzzy lo-fi gaze that hints at surf rock. A truly original aesthetic.


Loser Company

Track:  Blueberry Skies From: Blueberry Skies (EP) Label: Urawaza Records Out:  Now

Think Kurt Cobain’s vocal gravel, wrap it in a sea of fuzz and then get the Beatles as your backing band and you will be in the correct ballpark or at least able to add your own interpretations to this unique sound.



The Silent Boys

Track:  What Did She Mean? From: By the Light of the Moon (album) Label: Bossy Lil’ Thing Records Out:  Now

The Silent Boys have been a mainstay of potted jangly indie-pop for the past 20 years or so and produce a sound that simply refuses to let the UK, as the 80’s birthplace of indie-pop, die.



Track:  Enough From: Enough (single) Label: Bossy Lil’ Thing Records Out:  Now

Jangly The BV’s style shoegaze with the beauty maximized by the subtle alternation of tempo and gorgeous fuzz. California based Federico Sanchez makes chiming jangle that should never be confined to just his bedroom! 



Track:  December From: December  Label: Self Released Out:  Now

December / Thyla is the sort of aesthetic that labels like Sunday Records would have been falling over themselves to sign in the 90’s. Beautiful female vocals, wistful melancholy lyrics all wrapped up in the sort of beauty that the best of jangly dream pop has to offer. If you are a fan of LIPS this Brighton based four piece will tick all your boxes.



Track:  Cybersecurity From: Cybersecrity Label: Look Up Records Out:  Now

Seattle based Bill Darksoft has the ability to create OMD ‘Souvenir’ style sonic textures and atmospheres, through the most beautiful jangle-gaze aesthetic. A real find for me.



Vola Tila

Track:  All Alone From: All Alone (single) Label: Bossy Lil’ Thing Records Out:  Now

This track builds in intensity like a ridiculously jangly Pablo Honey / The Bends era Radiohead track after swallowing a psych pill. A truly gloruious track.


Fetching Pails

Track:  Shearer From: Telekinesis for Beginners  (album) Label: YK Records Out:  Now

Nashville based multi instrumentalist Jill Townsend, creates a dreamy, spacious, alt.pop vibe that reminds this listener of a jangly Kate Bush, with it’s obtuse but ultimately compelling brilliance.


Human Barbie

Track:  Be Careful What You Wish For From: Be Careful What You Wish For (single) Label: Poor Man Records Out:  Album out April 2020

This LA based four peice create beautiful jangled lo-fi that remind this listener of Grandaddy at his most laconic. Truly high and deserved praise.


Ring Them Bells

Track:  Ringo From: Ringo (1st single from March 2020 album release) Label: Iceberg Records Out:  Album out March 2020

Copenhagen (Denmark) based band, that juxtapose early Primal Scream jangly psych against rich ‘made for rock’ Ian Astbury (The Cult) style vocals, to create instant rock muscle.


Cathedral Bells

Track:  Ephemeral From: Velvet Spin (album) Label: Good Eye Records Out:  Album out early 2020

Florida based Matt Messore creates a reverb heavy sound that simultaneously touches upon the fractious melodies of The Cure and the spacious jangle gaze of the heavier parts of The BV’s arsenal….This is the first flyer single from his much awaited full length debut.


The Hazy Seas

Track:  Heavy Heads From: The Hazy Seas (album) Label: Iceberg Records Out:  Album out January 2020

It is not very often that a modern band manage to pull off the mid 80’s jangly UK Post-Punk aesthetic…The Hazy Seas do it so well they threaten to transport us back to a time of big hair, shoulder pads, ZX Spectrums and footballers will ridiculously tight shorts.



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