EP Review – Elevator Music by Catch A Dinosaur (2019) (Self Released)


Lately I have found myself becoming increasingly enthralled with acts that reside somewhere upon the ambient jangle spectrum, with acts like DocksComité balnéaire and Human Barbie getting more than expected play time.

Catch A Dinosaur are able to create similar sonic textures to the above. However, whilst their ersthwile genre mates tend to infuse the slightest of potted gaze characteristics and space like distance in their sound, Catch A Dinosaur cajole their ambience from the variants of jangling psych-pop.

As such, the best of the EP, sees the Somerville (Massachussets) three piece imbue tracks like Church (see above) and Pyramid (see below) with noodlings from a most un-traditional psych-pop rule book to create mesmerizing ambient jangle from bastardized inflections of chiming surf rock and the increasingly lost art of the darker melody.

Thankfully this sort of ambient jangle is growing in emphasis and we enter the 2020’s and this band imbue a definitive originality that gives them the potential to be the leaders, rather than the followers, in the newest place to emerge upon the jangle spectrum.

Artist Links: Facebook  Soundcloud  Bandcamp


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