Beat the Delete #0037 (New Music Recommendations)


Thanks to all the bands who submitted music to ‘Janglepophub Towers’ this week. These are the acts that I enjoyed the most.

Please remember to try and support these acts in any way possible as a purchase of their music and/or giving them lashings of social media love will help keep them around for longer!



Track:  Feeling Never Goes Away From: The Secenic Route (EP) Label:  Self Released Out:  Album out 07 Feb 2020

Teenage Fanclub meets the absolute sweetness of Allen Clapp / early 2000’s The Orange Peels. Guitar pop at it’s most traditional (and best).


Sugar World

Track:  Making Out From: Last Sunday (EP) Label:  Self Released Out:  EP out now

The new project from ex- Naps members Katryn Macko / Ryan Stanley, who give us a delicious trip back to the days when the sweetest of jangly indie-pop was being bestowed to the world by Sarah Records.


Brunch Club

Track:  Pepsi From: Another Wasted Summer (Album) Label:  Self Released Out:  Album out now

Juxtaposing twee to a jangly power crunch, this Edmonton (Canada) three-piece hark back to a time when C86 was being created, with immediate comparisons to Miaow being the ultimate compliment.


Wilson Hernandez

Track:  Making Out From: Last Sunday (EP) Label:  Self Released Out:  EP out now

Side project of Tennis Club front man Wilson Hernandez that keeps their fuzz and inner city surf sensibilities but adds sweeter more luscious melodies to the mix.


Justus Proffit

Track:  Making Out From: Return to Zero (EP) Label:  Smoking Room Out:  EP out now

Lower-Fi Elliot Smith with extra jangle…a superb EP from start to finish.



Track:  Kicks From: Pop Soap (album) Label:  Self Released Out:  Album out now

Taking the laconic textures and song structures of a band like Harlem and adding ladels of fuzz and jangled melodies, Kosmetika are the latest band to emerge from 2019’s wonderful Melbourne jnagle scene.


Royal Target

Track:  By My Side From: By My Side (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

Poignant ode to a deceased dad, wrapped in subtle fuzz pop that jangles in all the right ‘The Memory Fades style’ places. A truly wonderful track.


Bled Tape

Track:  Feels Better in the Morning From: Feels Better in The Morning (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

MBV shoegaze characteristics with  post-punk angularity guitar work being allowed to fight it’s way to front stage. A glorious mix!



Track:  Dark Days From: Koalra (album) Label:  Self Released Out:  Album out now

There never seems to be enough space to accomodate all the music when noise rock is this good. Grumbling with reverb and distortion, Chicago’s Koalra still manage imbue delicious jangly guitar work into the mix.


Les Gold

Track:  Before I Go From: Before I Go (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

Imagine the Everly Brothers crooining melodies juxtaposed against the slightest indie rock sensibilities and you are just about in the right ballpark for this truly original Portland, Oregon 4-some.



Lukas Ionesco

Track:  Japanese Cowboy From: Japanese Cowboy (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

As with the best of all anti-folk, the listener must be prepared to fight for their listening pleasure. Here the sparse acoustic riffs and fractured vocals inevitably reward you for fully engaging in the battle.


An Earlier Autumn

Track:  Paris  From: An Earlier Autumn (EP) Label:  Self Released Out: EP out now

San Diego duo create a sound that courses effortlessly between the stronger end of dream pop and lower reaches of jangle-gaze, infusing salacious chiming guitars at every conceivable twist and turn.



Track:  Double the Pleasure From: Double the Pleasure (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

Morrissey vocals (without the weird inflections) and catchy tunes that casually bounce straight into jangly ear worm territory. A superb pop vibe from this Norwegian act.



Track:  She’s So Political From: She’s So Political (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

Inning is the solo project of Charlottesville Virginia’s Evan Frolov. Essentially lo-fi, he mixes the slightest of gaze sensibilities to fractious muscular jangled dream-pop. There is amazing strength to his sound amid an undercurrent of melancholy.



Track:  Comedown From: Comedown (single) Label:  Self Released Out:  Now

Booming chiming jangle weaves it’s way through the majority of this track battling but never quite comquering the general sense of melancholy. The fight is what makes the track! 



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