Single Review – Melodie Robin by The Ashenden Papers (2019) (Secret Center Records)


Anybody following this blog for any length of time, will know that I have adorned various levels of gushing praise on Jason Dezember‘s The Plastic Shoelaces over the last year or so.

Dig a bit deeper and pretty much anything he has ever turned his various addled pop stylings too (Nar, Smog, The Bagpipe Operations) have always found a loving home in my music collection.

Whilst he is never too far from a release of some sort, it was something of a surprise to get a ‘Facebook ding’ from The Ashenden Papers considering their last release was their brilliant eponymous album,  almost eight years ago. Thankfully, time has not diminished quality with Melodie Robin (see below).

Couched in the slightest of fuzzed pop tendencies, adding brass flourishes to the weirdest  sophisti-pop vibe that no one has ever really bestowed upon the world and adorning the underlay with the warmth of rounded vocals and flickering jangled guitar work, The Ashenden Papers are back with absolute aplomb.

This is the first of four singles they are intending to release prior to a forthcoming album. It’s going to be a great ride for those who like their pop delivered with the genuine lo-fi warmth of deliberately budget production.

Artist Links:   Bandcamp Facebook

Label Links:   Bandcamp Official Site


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