Album Review: Chapter 1: From The Ashes by Various Artists (Spinout Nuggets)

C3.Chapter 1 LP Front CoverWP

Despite having a body ravaged by the sporting excesses of my youth and the alcohol/nicotine of my post sporting excesses, one important part of my body has refused to buckle to age. As such I sired children into my mid 40’s….and now go out just once a week with my mates on a Friday night.

Lee Grimshaw, founder of the Spinout Nuggets label usually provides me with the perfect adrenaline fuelled soundtrack to my pre-Friday night commute home, with a recording of his Spinout Show, that is generally imbued with all manner of high octane tracks that gives me enough energy to enable the pretence that the Saturday morning hangover will not ‘really’ matter.

This album, showcases five acts, providing a previously released/new track from each of them. Effectively it is is a little slice of vinyl that perfectly displays ‘The Spinout ‘aesthetic and it’s propensity to always go that step further than the purists would like.

As such the album sees Couldn’t I Be Yours (see below) and Seconds Out by Sergeants Mess wring the melodies of 70s power pop through the 60 Garage Rock grinder, to produce a concoction that has the muscle and attitude that exudes controlled aggression, whilst keeping just the right side of menace. It is a vibe that is repeated, albeit with an altogether more playful insistence, with the two tracks by The Nettelles.

The ‘one finger to the purists’ attitude remains constant as Another Dance Craze and Voo-dom Twist by The Voo Doms take early 60’s Surf Rock essentials, batters it with dominant bass lines and increased intensity, until it concedes to inclusion in the Garage Rock genre.

Similarly the two Andre M tracks, Dodged A Bullet (see below) and Attack of the Speaker Domes are everything the 60s psych might have been if the 70’s had not turned up and added a disco splice to the gregarious hammond organ. It’s just very different…it’s just very Spinout.

As a debut to their ‘various series’, it is hard to imagine that this will not be anything other than the best…however, you just know that this label will somehow keep unearthing acts that will provide that strange ying to the rest of psych/garage rock’s yang.

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