Single Review: Perfect Game by Nah (2020) (Self Released)


After the critically acclaimed success of their April 2019 Apple Blossoms single, Dutch/German duo Nah (Estella Rosa and Sebastian Voss) warm up their indiepop laced tonsils in preparation of their debut album (to be released this year), with more glorious C86/twee than the average cardigan botherer could conceivably manage.

Perfect Game juxtaposes the under produced cloudy jangle of early era Cleaners from Venus to the the bucking tempo’s and insistence of Orange Juice / Josef K style era Postcard, with Seb Voss demanding attention of your prinary senses with his semi crooned / demi sophisti-pop vocals, which are underlined by the contrasting sweetness of Estella’s backing vocals.

It’s all so twee, all so C86 and all so Nah…a ridiculously early contender for single of the year already!

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