EP Review – Bae EP by A Certain Smile (2019) (Jigsaw Records)


I’m a bit rubbish. My rubbishness manifests itself (among a multitude of other things) in adding this album to my Twitter bookmarks in September 2019 (for that would definitely remind me to review it) before forgetting to ever look at my bookmarks again until I accidentally clicked on it yesterday…you see absolute rubbish.

Normally the whole ‘missed the boat thing’ would mean I would not bother reviewing it…but this is just a little bit too good for that. Taking the muted buzz pop melodies of a band like The Pains of Being Pure of Heart and adding the modern muscular distance of a Business of Dreams type band, A Certain Smile present the strongest melodic whirr of fragilie prettiness that 2019 could muster.

If you are crazy enough to rely on me for some musical guidance then you have three months of lost time to make up…trust me, you’ll enjoy every repeated minute you spend with these three tracks.

Artist Links:  Twitter  acertainsmilepdx.comBandcampFacebook

Label links:  Bandcampdiscogs.comFacebookTwitterinstagram.com


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