Single Review: Dream Grrrl by Grrrl Gang (2019) (Damnably)


I became all gushing fanboy over this act when they released their ridiculously jangly indie-pop Not Sad, Not Fulfilled EP (see review here) which signalled their return to the Damnably label (who they released there very first single with)  after a couple of years releasing gorgeous singles with Kolibri Rekords.

Now Damnably are bigger, courtesy of a couple of breakthrough acts (especially Say Sue Me, who have furrowed an easier path for Asian acts) and I fully expect their extra gravitas to ensure that this compilation of new and old Grrrl Gang result in a definitivedefinitive breakthrough for them.

Typical of the band, their flyer single (a different version of the initial release in 2018) from the Here at Last… compilation (due out on Valentines day) starts off with a Lucie Too style sweetness of vocals (albeit infinitely more laconic and world weary), that quickly ascend into a female / male call and response number, as luscious jangled riffs and fluttered drums join a mix that already enthralls from the onset.

Never cluttered, there is a clarity to the Grrrl Gang aesthetic that typifies the Indonesian  jangly indie-pop nuances and this Yogyakarta three piece are likely to be among the leaders of the scene for many years to come if they can remain this consistent.


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