EP Review – Debuts by Pop Crimes (2020) (Howlin Banana Records)


Pop Crimes are a recently formed four piece outfit that are something of a French jangle rock super-group, consisting of band members from acts such En Attendant Ana, Blondi’s Salvation, d’Amazone and Young Like Old Men.

Having found a natural home at a Howlin Banana label that releases only the most tangled and gnarled jangle and psych rock available, they seemed determined to make the most noise possible, in the most melodic of ways.

As such we see tracks such Seasons & Storms and Goes (see below) imbue the muted shoegaze vocal inflections of a Stars on Fire type band, compete with battered concussion and fuzzy walls of distorted guitars, whilst always adhering to a some sort of semblance  structure through the killer jangled hooks that are omnipotent throughout their aesthetic.

I am not sure if this going to be a permanent thing for this Parisien act or whether it is just a one off super-group thing…I certainly hope there is much more to come though?

Artist Links:  Facebook

Label Links:  howlinbananarecords.comFacebookTwitterSoundCloudBandcamp


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