Single Review – Vacation by Honey Cutt (2020) (Kanine Records)


Honey Cutt were previously a one EP outfit under the name of Baby! Now sidestepping the search engines more readily, this Boston based threesome have released a two track  single in preparation for the March 2020 release of their debut Coasting album (out of the increasingly essential Kanine Records).

The title track (see below) presents lucid incidental jangled riffs that act as a beautiful conduit for lead singer Kaley Honeycutt to impart the slightly deadpan, anglophile vocal delivery of the Britpop chanteuses of the mid 90’s. The whole thing is indie chic in a Snail Mail drenched in morning sunshine type manner.

The 2nd track starts off with stylistic similarities but gradually ascends in intesnsity and tempo until final thrid sees it release crunchy, chiming jangled riffs that fulfill the surf rock references in the bands’ Bandcamp bio. The sweet and crunch are the perfect ying and yang in much the same way as an act like Say Sue Me benefit from intra track antagonism and ultimately it’s where the genuine promise of the forthcoming album lies.

Honey Cutt are another fine ‘sweet melancholy’ act that flirts with jangly dream pop. However, they manage to retain an extra level of strength amid the prettiness, that helps set them apart from a very crowded genre.

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