Single Review – Lorelei by Palm Ghosts (2020) (Ice Queen Records)


It is so good to see this Nashville based four piece back after last blessing us with their brilliant Architecture full length in 2017.

Lorelei is the 2nd flyer single that they have released from their forthcoming Wide Awake and Waiting EP (they also released the equally superlative title track a few weeks back) and it is more of their inimitable 80s style dream-pop that mixes the avaricious swirl of The Cocteau Twins atmospherics to everything that is between fraction of The Cure and the grandiose of Echo and the Bunnymen.

Of course the track would have less appeal if it was merely an 80s pastiche. However, this is totally avoided by adding the modernity of The BV’s style jangle-gaze inflections and the slight sense of saccharine, that so much contemporary dream-pop has tended to concentrate upon in the 2010’s.

The 7th of February can not come soon enough for the release of the EP !

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