Single Premiere – I’m Over You, Goodbye by Dropkick (2020) (Bobo Integral)


Janglepophub are absolutely honoured to premiere I’m Over You, Goodbye. This track is is the second single from Dropkick‘s soon to be released The Scenic Route album, which is out of the increasing essential Bobo Integral label on 07 Febtruary 2020 (see link below for an exclusive listen for the JPH readership).

Consisting of Andrew Taylor (Vocals, Guitars), Mike Foy (Drums, Vocals), Ian Grier (keyboards) and Alan Shields (Bass Guitar, Vocals) the Edinburgh based four piece have crafted another sub three minute gem, that typifies the general brilliance of the album (which I have been fortunate enough to heat in it’s entirety).

Coursing the sweeter side of the Teenage Fanclub vocal delivery through the slightly laconic Evan Dando essence, the single provides hook filled jangling melodies and crowning harmonies that hint at so much superlative 80s/90 Scottish guitar pop, whilst awakening The Orange Peels comparisons due to the sheer irradiating conciseness and clarity of sound.

Take my word for it, this single is merely the tip of an absolute iceberg of an album (available on pre-order at the bandcamp link below) !

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