EP Review – Self-Titled by Pictoria Vark (2018) (self-titled)


I missed this EP back in 2018. This, is somewhat surprising considering this Grinnell, Iowa based act (real name Victoria Park) was busy being a teen sensation, adding appearances at Red Rocks and Lollapalooza to her musical CV, despite fact that she was only sweet 16.

After finally being acquainted with her it is not hard to see why she has hit the ground running. Although perhaps ‘running’ is a little bit too dynamic a germ for at least half of this EP’s overall aesthetic.

For tracks such as the truly beautiful New Jersey (see below) and Radio Silence tend to sidle with slight melancholic discontent, rather than get involved in anything too energetic, as they twist the sweetness of Soccer Mommy style lyrics and tempo’s accross the laconic core of Snail Mail style guitars and incessant sense of cool.

However, Pictoria Vark is not content just to deserve her mentions alongside the above bedroom pop chanteuses and the remaining Teenage Malaise and Losing (see below)tracks, make exact use of the soft/loud dynamic,as she slides beautiful jangled undertones between and around rumbling walls of fuzz laden distortion.

These manic moments are just enough to do the impassioned subject matter justice but still subtle enough to enable slight melodies to shine through the occasional and essential mayhem.

VP is currently on tour, according to her Facebook page. Thus we can only hope that this signals more music is on it’s way.

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