Moving In Slow – Pink Shirt (2019) (self released)

Laurent Chavannes

Moving In Slow is the moniker of the solo project of Miami’s Laurent Chavannes, who released a handful of great singles during 2019.

Despite the stiff competition, Pink Shirt (see below) manages to imbue a bedroom pop genre that always has the potential to go stale due sheer volume, with a much needed sense of the exact and gandiose.

Essentially it casually nibbles away at the parameters of all things ambient, whilst maintaining incessant jangled / strummed melodies, that ensure the track develops with a manner that grabs the attention and ultimately holds it in the form of the most confident, anti- ear worm. you could possibly imagine.

I am not sure what the future hold’s for Chavannes, I just hope it includes a break out year in 2020 !

Artist Links:  Bandcamp Twitter



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