Album Review – The Scenic Route by Dropkick (2020) (Bobo Integral)

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If you are looking to The Scenic Route (Dropkick‘s 16th album since 2001) to provide you with a startling revelation about how a long time act can suddenly make an extravagant change, then you may well be disappointed.

For as always, Scotland finest jangly guitar pop band (there I have said it and will happily accept the wrath of Teenage Fanclub fans), do what they do, to such an extent you are just happy they do it!

The best of the album is seen in tracks such as Feeling Never Goes Away, Catching On (see below), Home Early and A Matter of Time which all imbue the slightly perfect and perfectly slight, fuzz imperfections of Teenage Fanclub whilst occasioning Primary Five comparisons, with the similarities in that feeling of modish vocal strength.

Of course, as with every Dropkick release, there are subtle nuances displayed within their jangly guitar pop repertoire. As such when the fuzz rescinds, superlative tracks such as Tomorrow and the stand out For Too Long (see below) reveal Come on Feel The Lemondheads era Evan Dando-isms and Disappearing touches upon the subtle psych-pop playfulness of the Wondermints.

As a proud Dropkick fanboy, who has spent a fair bit of time with this album already, I can assure you that the banger quotient on this release is right up there with Time Cuts The Ties…there is no greater accolade!

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