Single Review – Fragile by The Bell Streets (2020) (Self released)


It’s easy enough to make up stories occasioning a bag load of ‘it must be’s’. For instance this act, consisting of Josh Meadows and Nick Batterham, plainly came together (in my mind anyway) after becoming mates on various tours / gigs when there Blindside and pre-Sarah Records The Sugargliders bands were both on the Summershine label…and hey ho, even if this did not happen, the fallacy at least enables me to display my absolute knowledge of music in a completely unpretentions way (have I got away with this?).

No matter how the act surfaced, Fragile (see below) is all consuming in it’s jangled sophisti-pop smooth. Anyone who has ever heard Josh Meadows on his It’s a Jangle Out There show, will know he has a sort of hushed, crooning, warmth to his voice that could charm the panties off a 1000 nuns from 40 paces. It just oozes darlingness and thankfully is still the same perfect accompaniment for fluttering jangle as it last was with The Steinbecks 6/7 years ago.

I am not quite sure how they arrived at this sophisti sound though considering Batterham’s last couple of releases have seen him display brilliance at the jangly end of singer-songwriter and Meadows previous acts have always been totally on the jangly side of very jangly.

Perhaps (there I go again…)  the natural consequence of them putting their two styles of musical perfection together is this sheer majesty of total warmth and absolute connection to a track that is so reminiscent of acts such as The Candy Opera and The Pale Fountains.

They are due to release an album in April 2020 on Popboomerang and it will be interesting to see whether the dominant aesthetic is this sort of sound. I do hope so!

Artist Links:  Facebook  Twitter



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